Prepping Your Plumbing For Spring

What Spring Thawing Means For Your Property & Plumbing While most would not expect Texas to suffer especially harsh winters, in the evening's temperatures can dip below freezing and warm up during the day. This fluctuation can cause significant damage to your plumbing pipes. On top of inconsistent temperatures, this past fall Texas [...]

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High Water Pressure

The Damaging Effects of High Water Pressure You turn on the tap and water blasts out with stinging force. Sometimes you hear banging in your pipes when you do this. If this is happening, you probably have too high water pressure. Even if you are enjoying showers with higher water pressures, it is worth [...]

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Sewer Damage Repair

6 Telltale Signs You Need Sewer Repair One of the greatest benefits of your sewer systems is also one of its greatest drawbacks: you can’t see it. Your sewer lines are underground so you don’t have to worry about working unsightly pipes into your interior design. But it also means that, unless [...]

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Finding the Perfect Home Contractor in Dallas, TX

Essential Qualities of a 5 Star Plumbing & AC Provider The last thing you want to worry about when planning a major plumbing or HVAC renovation on your home is being swindled by a untrustworthy home contractor.  Thus, when it comes to selecting your home services company there are several indicators of a reliable [...]

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Energy Star HVAC Federal Tax Credit Guidance

Heating & Cooling Energy Star Systems & Federal Tax Credits At Barbosa Mechanical we value your family’s comfort, as well as your budget. We also understand that this is a busy time of year and many of our Dallas, TX area customers have decided to delay their new HVAC purchase until [...]

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