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Finding the Perfect Home Contractor in Dallas, TX

The last thing you want to worry about when planning a major plumbing or HVAC renovation on your home is being swindled by a untrustworthy home contractor. Thus, when it comes to selecting your home services company there are several indicators of a reliable business that we suggest you confirm before moving forward with an agreement.

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Effects of Fracking on Your Plumbing System

Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning has provided services in the North Dallas area for over 40 years, and we have seen many changes and challenges within the plumbing industry.

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Answers to Your Questions About the Freon Ban

If your home has air conditioning—and this is Dallas, so we’re sure it does!—you may have heard by now that the federal government has banned Freon, or R-22 refrigerant. If you haven’t heard the news or want to know what the ban means for your AC, you’re in the right place. Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning has all the information you need to navigate the Freon ban in Texas.

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Should You Replace Your Pipes?

The holiday season is in full swing and we know that the last thing you want to worry about right now is your plumbing. Unfortunately, plumbing problems never wait until the opportune moment. Since you’ve probably got friends and family visiting right now and giving your plumbing system a little more work than it’s used to, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for plumbing problems that may seem small but actually aren’t.

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Importance of Gas Line Maintenance, Repairs & Natural Gas Detectors

Natural gas is a popular fuel source for residential customers and chances are, your home uses natural gas everyday. Natural gas often is responsible for keeping your family and home warm during the cold weather, providing fuel to your fireplace or furnace, or powering your water heater to supply you with hot water.

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Leaky Faucets & Slow Drains Got You Stopped Up?

Slow drains and leaking faucets are two of the most common plumbing problems in the typical home. That’s because faucets have wear-and-tear parts that will fail eventually, and drain sludge accumulates over time, slowing, and potentially blocking, your drains.

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Air Conditioner Problems from Cottonwood

Summer is a beautiful time to light a few citronella candles and sit outside to enjoy. There are a lot of cool nature scenes to observe. The plants are green and many of them are flowering. The insects make a chorus of chirps and buzzes. Cottonwood trees disperse fluffy clumps of “snow” which fall down onto the grass like a winter wonderland in summer.

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