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AC Maintenance

Maximize Energy Efficiency With Regular AC Maintenance in North Dallas

In the North Dallas area, your home’s air conditioning system is vital to your comfort. Take care of this important investment with regular air conditioning maintenance from Barbosa Plumbing & AC. With over 40 years of experience providing air conditioning services to our residential and commercial customers, you can count on us!

Let us handle your AC repair in Carrollton TX.

What are the benefits of scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance?

  • AC service can extend the life of your system.
  • A maintenance tuneup can help avoid expensive repairs by identifying minor problems while they are still small and relatively inexpensive.
  • Regular AC maintenance allows your system to operate at its highest efficiently level, which keeps your home cool and comfortable.
  • A well maintained air conditioner that operates efficiently will save money on your energy bills.
  • Scheduled maintenance can help avoid the dreaded AC breakdown, which always seems to happen at the hottest, most inconvenient time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need professional AC maintenance service?

At Barbosa, we recommend annual routine maintenance for your hardworking air conditioning system. Ideally, schedule your AC service visit in springtime, so that you’re ready for the hottest days of the Dallas summer! (We can perform a similar maintenance service for your furnace in fall.)

What’s involved in professional AC maintenance?

During your cooling system maintenance service, our HVAC technicians will:

  • Thoroughly clean your air conditioning equipment, including cooling coils, to help prevent internal damage.
  • Clean your integrated whole-home dehumidifier if present.
  • Clean the electronic air cleaner and check the UV antibacterial light, if present.
  • Lubricate moving parts, including bearings, to limit noise and wear-and-tear.
  • Verify blower motor and compressor voltage.
  • Evaluate refrigerant pressure and check for leaks.
  • Check the electrical connections and tighten if necessary.
  • Calibrate the thermostat.
  • Verify proper airflow through your home to improve cooling and indoor air quality.
  • Inspect the air exchanger for damage and test for proper function.
  • Check for debris in your duct system, as well as air duct damage, and possible leaks.
  • Examine moving parts and belts for wear.
  • Test air conditioning system safety features.
  • Change your AC filter if needed.
  • Report our findings to you, including repairs that may be needed.
  • And more.

What DIY air conditioner maintenance can I do, as a homeowner, between professional maintenance visits?

  • Change your air filter every 4 weeks. A filter can become so dirty that it can’t perform its air-filtering function, compromising your indoor air quality. A dirty filter can also block your AC from circulating cool air.
  • Clean the outdoor air compressor with water from your garden hose.
  • Clear away leaves and other debris from the compressor, to help ensure the free flow of air.

Schedule our comprehensive AC maintenance service annually to keep your air conditioner reliable and your Dallas home cool! Contact Barbosa online or call us at 972-845-8043 for your AC tuneup today.

Don’t Wait for the Temperatures to Rise – Call for AC Maintenance Today!
Take care of your important investment with regular air conditioning maintenance from Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Call us at 972-845-8043 for service in the North Dallas area.

Why choose Barbosa for your air conditioning maintenance?

  • Experience – We’ve been North Dallas’ trusted choice for AC services for over 40 years.
  • Expertise – Our highly trained technicians are air conditioning experts, and perform maintenance on all makes and models.
  • Customer Service – We pride ourselves on 5-Star Service with every AC maintenance appointment.
  • Value – Barbosa Plumbing & AC is simply the best when you need expert air conditioning maintenance at a fair price.