Spring HVAC Maintenance

A Tune Up From Barbosa Helps Your AC Avoid Problems Caused By Dirt Spring is here and that means warm weather for the next few months, eventually becoming even hotter in the summer. Your AC system is going to be working to provide your home with cool, comfortable air day in and [...]

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Importance of Gas Line Maintenance, Repairs & Natural Gas Detectors

Gas Line Maintenance & Safety The Dangers of Neglected Gas Lines Natural gas is a popular fuel source for residential customers and chances are, your home uses natural gas everyday. Natural gas often is responsible for keeping your family and home warm during the cold weather, providing fuel to your fireplace or furnace, or [...]

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Water Heater Failure Signs

Top 3 Signs of Water Heater Failure to Always Pay Attention To A chilly blast of shower water is how most people discover their water heater has failed. But you can take action even before you’re left shivering in your shower, caught unaware. There are a few signs that your water heater [...]

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High Water Pressure

The Damaging Effects of High Water Pressure You turn on the tap and water blasts out with stinging force. Sometimes you hear banging in your pipes when you do this. If this is happening, you probably have too high water pressure. Even if you are enjoying showers with higher water pressures, it is worth [...]

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Ductwork Repair

Noticing Any of of This? Your Dallas Area Home Might Need Ductwork Repair. It is important that ductwork be secure. But due to improper installations or age, that is often jeopardized. In fact, it is extremely common for homeowners in the North Dallas area to not even realize they have duct issues [...]

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5 Best Things To Keep in Mind When Buying a Furnace

Make Sure You Know How to Get the Best Furnace For You! As winter approaches, one of the most important things in your home is your heating system. Before you buy your next system, make sure you’re getting the best furnace that ideally suited for your specific needs as well as our [...]

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Sewer Damage Repair

6 Telltale Signs You Need Sewer Repair One of the greatest benefits of your sewer systems is also one of its greatest drawbacks: you can’t see it. Your sewer lines are underground so you don’t have to worry about working unsightly pipes into your interior design. But it also means that, unless [...]

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R-22 Refrigerant Phaseout

Answers To Your Concerns On The Freon Ban If your home has air conditioning—and this is Dallas, so it does—you’ve probably heard by now that the federal government has banned Freon. If not, you’re in the right place, because Barbosa has all the information you need to navigate the Freon ban. What is [...]

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Common Noisy AC Problems

Learn 7 Strange Noises Your AC Makes & How To Address Them If your air conditioning system is working correctly, you’ll rarely notice it working at all. It will run quietly and efficiently and you’ll enjoy the comfort of a cool home without having to think about your air conditioner. So if [...]

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Summer Produce & Your Garbage Disposal

Before You Send It Down The Drain, Be Sure It’s Disposal Safe! Summer is in full swing here in Dallas, and that means trips to the Dallas Farmer’s Market for delicious summer produce. Whether you’re picking up watermelons for pool parties or corn on the cob for backyard barbecues, you’re all ready to enjoy a [...]

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