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We specialize in Air Conditioner service in Carrollton TX so call Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning.
Emergency Service Available
Emergency Service Available

Gas Lines

Trusted for Gas Line Services in Dallas Since 1979

Gas lines are vital to your comfort. They power your furnace and fireplace, keeping your space warm and cozy. When you need gas line services in the Dallas area, the team at Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning will make sure your gas lines are leak-free, safe, and reliable.

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Gas Line Plumbing for Your Dallas Home or Business

When you call us for gas line service, we guarantee you’ll receive 5-star service. We’ll listen to you, provide options to solve your problem, and treat you and your property with the utmost integrity and respect.

Gas Line Services from Barbosa Include:

  • Gas Line Installation – With more than 40 years serving the Dallas area, you can trust Barbosa to safely install gas lines that will deliver heating fuel for years to come.
  • Gas Line Repair – Over many years of use, gas lines can corrode and require repair. Count on Barbosa to fix problems with your gas lines.
  • Gas Line Leak Detection – A gas leak presents both a fire risk and a health risk. If you’re worried you may have a gas leak, call Barbosa for a professional gas line inspection.

Whatever your gas line needs, our Dallas plumbers can handle the job! From fueling your living room fireplace to providing heat for your retail space, you will receive outstanding customer service and satisfaction when you choose Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning. The experts at Barbosa are committed to making your space safe and comfortable.

Ready to get started? For gas line installation or repair in Dallas, contact Barbosa today!

Emergency Gas Line Repair in Dallas, TX

While the damages of a burst pipe can be extensive, a gas leak is one of the most dangerous things that can happen in your home. Not only does a gas leak increase the risk of fire or explosion, but it can cause physical harm to your family and your pets. If you notice a “rotten egg” smell in your home or hear a whistling sound near your gas line, evacuate your home immediately and call 911. Once the gas has been shut off and the emergency has passed, call the experienced gas plumbers in Dallas—Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

If you need emergency gas line repair in Dallas, Carrollton, or the surrounding area, schedule service with Barbosa today!

Signs You Need Emergency Gas Line Repair

Knowing when you need gas line repair is the best way to avoid an emergency. However, if you notice any of the signs below, you should call 911 immediately!

  • Physical health symptoms: While it’s easy to disregard these symptoms, they could very well be a very serious warning sign. If you’ve felt nauseous, dizzy, or overly tired lately, this may be due to a gas leak. Contact us for emergency gas line repair or replacement as soon as possible!
  • Damaged gas appliances: If your gas stove or another gas appliance isn’t working correctly, there could be an issue with your gas line.
  • High energy bills: An unexplainable increase to your energy bills could be due to a gas line leak. If you suspect you may have a gas leak, contact our team of Dallas plumbers now to have your gas lines evaluated!

Have you noticed any of these warning signs? If so, don’t wait! Contact Barbosa right away for gas line repair services in Dallas, Carrollton, and the surrounding area!

Expect More Than Just Technical Service from Barbosa

Your Barbosa team member is not only equipped with technical knowledge, but is prepared to treat you and your home with the utmost respect. We provide useful advice and recommendations, affordable options, and 5-star service on every job.

We specialize in Air Conditioner service in Carrollton TX so call Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning.
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Emergency Service Available
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