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Importance of Gas Line Maintenance, Repairs & Natural Gas Detectors

Gas Line Maintenance & Safety

The Dangers of Neglected Gas Lines

Natural gas is a popular fuel source for residential customers and chances are, your home uses natural gas everyday. Natural gas often is responsible for keeping your family and home warm during the cold weather, providing fuel to your fireplace or furnace, or powering your water heater to supply you with hot water.

Although generally safe, when things do go wrong with natural gas, as seen in recent headlines in the Dallas Area News, the outcome can be tragic and deadly. Gas leaks can result in deadly fires, explosions, or poisoning. Just like any other form of energy, gas lines run throughout a neighborhood and near, under and perhaps through your home. Maintenance should be performed and inspections should take place to make sure that there are no weak points in your lines that could end in dangerous leaks.

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Gas Line Repairs and Maintenance

It’s easy to forget that natural gas is even present, as we normally do not experience it with our senses, but just like anything else, gas line systems need maintenance, repairs and inspection to ensure proper function and safety. Gas lines can become corroded after years of being in use, or connections can become weakened over time by changes in the earth and weather.

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Your natural gas provider is responsible for tending to public gas lines, but the lines that run from you meter underneath your yard or throughout your home, are the homeowner’s responsibility. Licensed plumbers are qualified to maintain, repair, replace, or inspect your residential gas lines, so you can alert your plumbing provider to any potential concerns you may have and rest easy once a proper inspection have been completed annually.

Natural Gas Detectors Can Prevent Disaster

Gas leaks can be especially dangerous since they are hard to originally notice. We may not notice any smell or physical symptoms, until our health has become compromised. Some natural gas detectors only detect a few gases, while others detect a multitude. Just like smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, natural gas detectors are relatively simple and inexpensive to buy and have installed.

Proper Inspections & Maintenance Are Of Grave Importance

Don’t risk your natural gas becoming a potentially deadly hazard to your family and home. Call Barbosa today at (214) 351-7030, or contact us for a professional Level 1 Investigative Gas Line Inspection & Pressure Test by a qualified technician if you have any reason at all to believe your gas line are not functioning properly.

We specialize in Air Conditioner service in Carrollton TX so call Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning.
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