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Should You Replace Your Pipes?

How To Tell When A Small Problem Is Actually A Big Problem

The holiday season is in full swing and we know that the last thing you want to worry about right now is your plumbing. Unfortunately, plumbing problems never wait until the opportune moment. Since you’ve probably got friends and family visiting right now and giving your plumbing system a little more work than it’s used to, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for plumbing problems that may seem small but actually aren’t.

New video technology helps our plumber locate blockages in your pipes and sewer lines.

3 Plumbing Issues That Can Be A Lot More Serious Than They Appear

Backed Up Sewers & Drains

The occasional clogged drain is to be expected in any home, but if you’re experiencing chronic backups and clogs, it’s a sign of deeper issues in your plumbing. You can get an idea of the severity of the issue by seeing where the clogging issues are. For example, a single bathroom getting backed up on the regular is a sign that the pipes serving that one bathroom need to be repaired; however, if you’re having backups all over the house you may be dealing with a main sewer line problem.

Because many North Dallas area homes have slab foundations with the main plumbing lines embedded within, your plumber will need to use special equipment to inspect the lines and determine whether they need cleaning or to be rerouted. If your pipes need rerouting, we will run new pipes through your walls or attic to bypass the failed pipes in the slab.

Low Water Pressure

Everyone knows good water pressure makes showering and handwashing a better experience, but did you know that low water pressure can be caused by pinhole leaks in your piping? Those pinhole leaks don’t just leave you with an less-than-satisfactory shower; they can also lead to significant water damage in your home. From rotting wood to mold growth to foundation damage, that annoying low water pressure can actually be the first symptom of massive damage from leaks. So if your faucets are tinkling instead of gushing, have a plumber come check your pipes for leaks and replace any pipes that are failing.

Rusty Water

If your water has an orange hue and a metallic smell, it means you have rust in your water. Don’t panic; it may be unsightly, but it won’t hurt you. That being said, rusty water is a clear sign that your home’s piping is too old to work as it should any longer.

Rust gets into your water when old cast iron pipes begin to corrode with age. As the corrosion continues and worsens, not only will your water become more orange and metallic, but you’ll begin experiencing more clogs and leaks. Rather than constantly calling in plumbers to fix the clogs and leaks, have your pipes replaced with newer PVC pipes that aren’t susceptible to corrosion.

If you’re noticing any of those so-called minor plumbing problems this holiday season, give Barbosa a call at (214) 351-7030. We’ll evaluate the problem and provide a solution that works for your home and your budget. Have a happy holiday without stressing about your pipes!