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The Costly Effects of A Wrong Sized AC Unit

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Having an incorrectly sized AC unit in your home can be costly, especially in terms of inefficiencies. Obviously, one that is too small won’t be able to supply enough cool air, but did you know that an AC unit that is too large will cause you efficiency problems as well? Inefficiencies not only increase your monthly utility bills, but also degrade your system faster than normal, meaning shorter system lifespan and higher risk of breakdowns. Read below to see how an incorrectly sized cooling system can put a hole in your finances.

Units That Are Too Large

Short Cycling

When your system is too big, it will run through cooling cycles too quickly, ending prematurely. Not only does this result in inadequate cooling, but means more energy is spent powering up the unit more often. This can result in higher utility bills for you and more frequent repair bills due to increased wear and tear on the AC unit.

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High Humidity

As the unit short cycles, it won’t be able to properly remove the moisture from your home’s air like a correctly functioning unit would. This may require you to buy a dehumidifier to counteract the negative effects. Besides creating great conditions for mold and mildew growth, which can cause health issues, high humidity can also end up costing you by damaging your electronics and wood furniture and floors.

Units That Are Too Small

Longer Cycles

AC units are designed to keep your home at a stable temperature, increasing and decreasing temperatures in small increments, over longer periods of time. This means it usually takes a bit of time for your home’s air to change from uncomfortably hot to comfortably cool. A correctly sized AC should not run for more than 30 minutes at a time. If your AC unit runs longer than this and can’t reliably put your home’s air under 75 degrees, your AC may be too small. This just means more wasted energy that doesn’t result in sufficient cooling for you.

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