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Corona Virus Plumbing Tips

Coronavirus and Your Plumbing

Hello Barbosa Customers, Friends & Family

As your Plumbing Professional Since 1979 who’s always concerned about your health, safety, and comfort, Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning would like to give you a heads-up on two procedures you can easily do to help protect yourselves from ANY airborne diseases, not only the present Covid-19 concern.

‘W. Ian Lipkin is one of the world’s leading infectious-disease epidemiologists, and he reports: ‘It has been determined that the virus is present in human feces. In Asia, Lipkin noted, the plumbing in many kitchens and bathrooms does not include a U-trap (a p-trap to everyone else) which is the bend in a pipe, under your Sink, that fills with standing water, which in turn blocks polluted air from rising from the sewers. (The New Yorker 3/9/2020)

After reading this short news flash here at Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning we decided to send these easy-to-follow two steps you can take in your home (or Business) to protect yourselves from fetid / smelly air coming up through your sewer:

#1.) If you have a shower, tub, sink or any fixture that has a drain and is rarely used you should turn on the water briefly at least every couple of days because an unused fixture can have the water in the trap evaporate leaving you subject to sewer gases coming into your home or business

#2.) This one is a Good Ole Plumbers Trick, “If you hear gurgling sounds” in any drain other than your toilet that could mean the water is syphoning out of your traps, again leaving you subject to sewer gases entering your home. To solve this problem. you might need to call in a Professional, Licensed, Trained, Plumber to clear that drain.

If you do need us to clear a drain we will take proper precautions necessary to protect you and your family as-well-as our employees while performing this very important task.

One last note: If you do hear gurgling and you don’t want to call for a drain cleaning you can SLOWLY pour water into that drain and listen to make sure there’s no “gurgle” – I’d suggest at least every other day – then refrain from using it till you feel safer about calling Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning for Professional drain cleaning.

If your toilet gurgles and the bowl does not fill back up with water you should immediately call us for a diagnosis, or worse-case-scenario, a main-line drain cleaning.

Good luck to us all. We’re in a terrific country, and this will pass.

We are an Essential Service Company Open to Help, Call if You need Us!

Drew Barbosa