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Fall Maintenance

Get Ready For the Holidays With These Fall Maintenance Pointers

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Get Your Seasonal AC Maintenance Done

Your air conditioner just ran a marathon through this muggy summer, so give your unit a big congratulations! But in all seriousness, your air conditioner probably does need a little TLC after running for months on end. Dirt and debris have probably built up and should be cleared in order for it to start back up smoothly next season. Additionally, minor issues you may have noticed should be assessed and examined for underlying issues, including:

  • Odd noises or smells.
  • Long cooling times.
  • Short cycling (turning on and off again frequently).

A technician can also check your heating system or heating components of your heat pump and get your home ready for steady, cozy heat.

Look Into French Drain Solutions

Your yard is going to go through numerous changes as the fall progresses into winter. Now is a good time to troubleshoot any problems with your lawn or garden. One common problem is puddling water. Standing water can damage your yard and home, and promote insect and bacteria growth.

If you’re unsure of where the water is coming from, you might want to have it checked by a plumber first to see if there is a leak. If there isn’t a leak, you probably just need a drainage solution.

Consider what is known as a french drain. It is basically a gravel-lined ditch that you can incorporate with your landscaping to get the puddling water under control.

Know If It’s Time For a Water Heater Replacement

Having guests over for festivities can easily turn stressful when something in your home goes wrong. If people are staying over for an extended period of time, you want to make sure that your water heater can accommodate everyone.

Pay attention to the signs. If you are noticing:

  • Shorter hot showers than before.
  • Rusty or cloudy water.
  • Rumbling noises from the heater.

Then you should probably get your water heater looked at.

Mind Your Drains

With all the extra usage of your plumbing, your drains are getting a lot of extra traffic. Drain cleaning for slow-moving drains can help prevent disastrous backups later on.

If you need professional assistance with any of the above, give Barbosa a call at (214) 351-7030. We’ll help you settle into the holidays with peace of mind.