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Spring HVAC Maintenance

A Tune Up From Barbosa Helps Your AC Avoid Problems Caused By Dirt

Spring is here and that means warm weather for the next few months, eventually becoming even hotter in the summer. Your AC system is going to be working to provide your home with cool, comfortable air day in and day out.

But your AC unit has been basically dormant all winter and during its time off dirt has probably gathered on components and electrical connections may have become loose. This can cause expensive harm to your AC system.

Some of the checks our technicians will perform include:

  • Test Controls
  • Refrigerant Levels
  • Motor Function
  • Air Filter—Will Replace If Needed
  • Electrical Components
  • Coils In Evaporating & Condensing Units
  • Blower Fan

When a professional, certified Barbosa HVAC technician performs maintenance on your cooling system this spring, you’ll be benefiting in a few different ways.

Reduced Risk of AC Loss in Extreme Heat

We all know that it can get hot here in the Texas climate. Being stuck without a working air conditioner in your home can be uncomfortable and even hazardous to your health if temperatures are high enough. Having your AC system tuned up and cleaned before temperatures increase greatly reduces the chances of a surprise breakdown.

Protect Against High Energy Bills & Expensive Failures

Maintaining clean condensing and evaporating coils is vital for the efficient function of your AC compressor. Dirty coils may cause your compressor to have to work harder than it needs to just to keep your home comfortable. When your compressor has to work harder, you’ll end up paying more than you should for energy bills. This inefficient function not only increases your power bills; it also increases the chance that your compressor may fail completely, resulting in an expensive repair bill and uncomfortable lack of air conditioning.

Don’t let dirt and grime cause you expensive repairs and leave you in uncomfortable heat! Call Barbosa today at (214) 351-7030 to schedule HVAC maintenance and have an experienced technician thoroughly inspect and clean your AC unit so it can efficiently provide you with cool air during the hot spring and summer months.