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Protect Your HVAC System With An AC Surge Protector

How A Surge Protector Guards Against Costly Power Surge Damage

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Lightning is common during the frequent, surprise thunderstorms common to Texas summers, and if it strikes close enough to your home, it can cause destructive power surges. Besides damaging expensive electronics within your home, a power surge can also cause considerable damage to your home’s AC unit.

High voltage may damage your capacitor, which can lead to costly compressor problems. It can also burn wiring within your HVAC unit. Power surges from lightning strikes may not cause noticeable problems right away. It may take a few weeks or even months before you are faced with the aftermath, leaving you in need of unexpected repair services.

You can prevent lightning-related power surge damage to your heating and cooling system with an AC unit surge protector. There are two main ways to prevent this kind of damage to your AC system:

1. Turn your AC off during storms. You can drastically reduce the chances of damage to your AC unit by turning it off at the thermostat during a violent summer storm. If your AC unit is not receiving power when a lighting strike occurs, your HVAC system will be much less likely to experience serious damage.

2. Install an AC unit surge protector. A surge protector will protect your entire HVAC unit from not only power surges caused by lightning, but also from other types of power surges, like those caused by fallen power lines for example. When high voltage from a surge is detected, the protector will redirect the surge’s path into the ground and away from your HVAC unit.

If the surge is particularly large, the relatively inexpensive surge protection device will be burned out and you will simply need to replace it. This cost is negligible when compared to the expenses of repairing or replacing a damaged AC unit.

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