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Combating Allergies In North Texas

What Makes Allergies in the Dallas, Texas Area So Bad?

As the springtime weather approaches, many of us can’t wait to kick off our shoes and enjoy the outdoors. However, with it comes watery eyes, stuffy noses and sneezing. That’s right, allergy season is just around the corner. But just what makes it so brutal in North Texas? Check out these common allergy causes, and how you can tackle them!

Improve your indoor air quality in Farmers Branch TX by having a clean Air Conditioner.


Whether you’re running through sprinklers or sitting down for a family picnic, if you’re an allergy sufferer it’s not hard to forget that pollen is a major source of seasonal allergies. Grass and other local plants such as mountain cedar, ragwood, red oak, and black willow release pollen that is then picked up by the wind and carried for miles. Rather than open a window on a warm spring day, use your AC to keep pollen from entering your home.

To make sure your AC unit is functioning as efficiently as possible, consider scheduling a springtime maintenance check. This will ensure your unit can keep your home pollen-free and your family comfortable all season long!.


Plant allergies are in many cases a year-long problem for allergy sufferers in North Texas. However, pollen and mold spores are a much more prominent issue in the hot and humid North Dallas spring. When the North Texas climate is particularly muggy, puddling water on the ground and moisture in the air traps pollen and creates the perfect environment for mold growth.

Equally as frustrating, during periods of low humidity and dry air, plant pollen found predominantly in southern or central Texas can be carried north to plague Northern Texas residents as well.

In addition to being carried miles in the open air, mold pollen, dust and other airborne particulates build up in your ducts over time and circulate throughout your home. Though you are not able to see them, you will surely feel the effects! Hiring a contractor to conduct seasonal or annual duct cleaning, you will be able to provide a little extra assurance that your family will be guarded against the headache of allergy season (at least in the comfort of your home).

Mold can cause a wide range of uncomfortable allergy symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, runny nose and dry skin to serious respiratory conditions. If you notice that your allergies are following you indoors, be sure to check that your ductwork is clean.

Allergy Relief Solutions

Because the amount of pollen and other allergens increases significantly during spring, some pesky particles are bound to make their way inside! In fact, indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Cleaning, minimizing aerosol fragrances and adding indoor plants have been known to incrementally increase indoor air quality, but if your family is already suffering from allergies this season, you may want to consider a more comprehensive indoor air quality solution.

Air filters and purifiers combine to eliminate dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, viruses and mold spores from your indoor air and ensure that your family remains allergy-free at home! If none of these solutions do the trick, immunotherapy may be the answer. This method prevents allergies by taking small doses of an allergen, and increasing the amount until your body builds up a resistance to whatever you may be allergic to. Though this method works for many people, it is best to make sure your IAQ and ducts are up to snuff!

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