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Your plumbing system is more than just a sink and faucet—it’s a complicated network of pipes, drains, filters, and ducts designed to bring water in and out of your home. When any of these are missing or fall out of order, you could find yourself in a serious problem.

When it comes to plumbing needs, Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning knows you need an experienced professional to install plumbing the right way, and to know what to look for when things do go wrong.

For plumbers in Dallas, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, and more—including the 75007, 75229, 75220, 75244, 75248, and 75230 zip codes—contact us today!

Plumbing Installations in Dallas, TX

We install and replace all types of plumbing equipment and accessories designed to keep your home hydrated and efficient. Our plumbers are experienced in home remodel and renovation plumbing, providing installations you can count on

We’ll install or replace any plumbing or fixtures in:

We also provide water heater installation, sewer line replacement, gas line installation, and more!

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Plumbing Repair in Dallas

When one feature of your plumbing fails or loses production, your entire system feels the effect. From clogged drains to replacing sewer lines, our plumbers can handle it!

We inspect and repair plumbing problems including:

Don’t see your plumbing problem listed? Call Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning at (214) 351-7030 now to see how we can help!

Plumbing Maintenance

Just like with your heating & cooling system, healthy plumbing contributes to a healthy household or office. By scheduling a routine plumbing maintenance or whole-house checkup, you’ll experience the benefit of:

  • Identification of potential problems

  • Increased efficiency and performance

  • Lowered water bills

  • Healthier drinking water & environment

  • Reduced risk of future costly repairs or replacement

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Effective plumbing leads to a comfortable home and affects your health and general well-being. When you schedule plumbing service from Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we help make sure your home or office will be healthy and hydrated for years to come.

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