Emergency Plumber

Fast, Reliable Plumbing Repair Services in the Dallas Area—24 Hours A Day! The only thing more stressful than a plumbing emergency is a plumbing emergency that occurs outside of normal business hours. Will there be any plumbers willing to come fix it during their off-hours? Are they trustworthy? Don’t stress! Just call Barbosa Plumbing & [...]

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Water Heaters

Your Water Heater Services Source in Plano, TX Due to its daily use, hot water is not always considered a home comfort feature. But because of its integration into several home utility systems, it’s actually one of the most important aspects to keeping a healthy and comfortable home. The use of hot water for hygiene [...]

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Water Leak Detection & Repair

Serving North Dallas With Prompt, Professional Water Leak Services Water leaks are disruptive to your household or business, and cause extensive damage very quickly if they are not taken care of. Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides expert plumbing services to detect your water leaks and make the necessary repairs promptly and properly. Our North [...]

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Sewer Line Repair

Call Barbosa for a Sewer Camera Inspection Today! From locating a sewer leak to replacing sewer lines – Barbosa is here to help. Do you think you may need a Sewer Line Repair? Don’t Dig – Get A Second Opinion! All Sewer Line Repairs and Services are GUARANTEED Concrete Slab Sewer Line Repair Experts Sewer [...]

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Pipe Leak Repair

Qualified Plumbers On-Call 24/7 for Fast Pipe Repairs It’s a scenario no one wants to find themselves in: a large water spot is rapidly forming on the ceiling below a second floor bathroom and you know it’s only a matter of time before the ceiling starts to drip, or worse, falls in! At a time [...]

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Gas Lines

Trusted for Gas Line Services in Dallas Since 1979 Gas lines are vital to your comfort. They power your furnace and fireplace, keeping your space warm and cozy. When you need gas line services in the Dallas area, the team at Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning will make sure your gas lines are leak-free, safe, [...]

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Drain Cleaning & Sewer Backups

Barbosa Provides Fast, Reliable Drain Cleaning in the North Dallas Area When your drains become slow or completely clogged it impacts your entire home. Things can get smelly, and losing use of your plumbing system when it is not functioning properly is very inconvenient. Barbosa Plumbing and AC serves the North Dallas area with the [...]

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Slab Leak Detection

Call Barbosa Plumbing & AC Provides For Expert Slab Leak Detection Services What is a slab leak? A slab leak is a leak that is hidden beneath your concrete slab foundation, and is one of the most challenging types of leaks to detect and repair. However, Barbosa Plumbing & Air Conditioning has both the plumbing [...]

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Plumbing for Remodels and Renovations

Plumbing Services for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Are you considering remodeling your kitchen and bathroom? One of the biggest challenges is making sure your plumbing systems are done right – the first time! Trust Barbosa Mechanical with your plumbing remodeling needs. We have skilled and experienced plumbers that can move those hot and cold water [...]

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Outdoor Kitchens

Over 35 Years’ Experience Installing & Repairing Outdoor Plumbing One of the hallmarks of luxury living in the Dallas area is to have an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain guests with a backyard barbeque. When you’re ready to install your outdoor kitchen, make sure you’re working with licensed and experienced professionals who can do [...]

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